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Intelligent house

Remember old sci-fi movies: the person comes home, opens a door, and light itself joins. Hot – has slapped hands together and has earned the conditioner, it wanted to drink – the robot bears juice … robots for the present do not enter into the complete set of delivery of systems «Clever house», and here management of all engineering systems and house communications is already a reality.
What can enter into system? Management of light and its brightness, a climate, systems of water supply, heating and fire safety, and also the universal panel, radio-buttons and many other things. Thanks to system «Clever house» to you will establish once the necessary parametres, and further the house will follow them enough, constantly supporting comfort and releasing you from daily cares.
We will necessarily choose the necessary modules and we will collect system which is necessary to you. Come to us, order creation of "the Clever house» and be convinced that it is convenient, simple and accessible.
Smart home
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G4S Latvia Security company
Latvijas Arhitektu savienība
Film Angels Studio

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